A Breughel Winter Snow Scene

An early winter morning, walking in Riverside Park 
with my two dogs after the first snowfall, they pull me
headlong into a winter snow scene by Brueghel,
Its black and whites, stark winter light, frolicking dogs, and children.
A family creates a snow fort ending in a tree.  
Two small children bend down into the fort
and vanish.  I see a snowman with a sizeable butt,
his pebble eyes and stick nose vivid
against his white snowball face.
A child further into the park looks out at me, and smiles.  I smile back.
The Breughel illusion breaks and I am cold. Pulled in two different
Directions by my two dogs, one old and slow, the other young, bobbing
Up and down with delight, I turn around and head home.


A Breughel Winter Snow Scene


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